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Watch all of your favorite football match streaming free on Foot4live, with live stream from all major football leagues, we scour the internet to bring you the best quality and most reliable stream from all over the internet.

Foot4live is your TV for all football related news and live stream, we keep track of all the important news from major european leagues to keep you informed on rankings, injuries, transfers, speculations and a lot more, all while giving you the ability to watch all your favorites football live streaming TV channels online with HD quality and high speeds.

Live Football Stream

La Liga Santander

The best and most intense football league in the world, the Spanish La Liga Santander is home to two of the most notorious European clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, the eternal rivals continue to fight their way to win as many La Liga trophy titles as they can while getting pressured from other teams such as Atlético Madrid, Seville and Real Sociedad, the fun in La Liga Santander is guarantee and it never ends.

Streamed every Friday to Monday on applicable weeks.

Premier League

The most unpredictable football league on the planet, the intensity and pressure lasts until the very last game, with more than 8 clubs fighting tooth and nail to claim their premier league title you are promised to enjoy every second of it. This years premier league witnessed the strong comeback of Tottenham, Chelsea and Leicester city with the continuous reign of Liverpool, the rankings keep changing dramatically every week and a loss of one point might send a team 3-4 places down the table.

Streamed every Friday to Monday on applicable weeks.

Seria A

Legendary Seria A where friends become rivals,  the stakes have never been higher to win the Seria A title, Inter milan and AC Milan are back to their glory days and are competing fiercely this year to stop Juventus unbreakable reign of the Seria A, As Inter milan was left the champions league early they are focusing all of their efforts on the Seria A title and AC Milan has finally found a leader such as Ibrahimović to lead them back to where they belong, tune in on foot4live to see who gets the last word this season.

Streamed every Friday to Monday on applicable weeks.

Ligue 1

The league where stars are born and groomed, enjoy watching the raw and natural talent of soccer players of the likes of Hussam Ouar and Kylian Mbappé as they write their names in gold and fight for their place among the stars, Ligua 1 is packed with the most amazing football players, the likes of Nymar, Di Maria.

PSG continues to dominate but that does not take the fun out of the competition as every other team believe in their ability to make a run for the title.

Streamed every Friday to Monday on applicable weeks.

Champions League

The glorious nights of the European football can only be experienced in the champions league where the best of the best fight head on for the best title in the continent, Bayern Munich is on a mission to keep the trophy for the second year, Liverpool wants the trophy back and Manchester City continue their struggle to secure their first title. Everyone is as eager to secure the title as ever and given the current economic situation the champions league is a necessity for many clubs to survive.

All of that adds to the fun and raises the stakes higher than ever before and with it the enjoyment of European football, you can watch all of Champions league games on HD quality for free on foot4live.

Streamed on applicable weeks.