Bayern defeats Dortmund in the Bundesliga Clasico

foot4live April 1, 2023
bayern dortmund

Bayern Munich continued to consolidate its rivals, Borussia Dortmund, in recent seasons, after it achieved a wide victory (4-2) at the Allianz Arena, today, Saturday, in the 26th round of the German League.

The Bavarian team’s quadruple came through Gregor Koppel (reverse goal), Thomas Mueller “double” and Kingsley Coman, in the 13th, 18th, 23rd and 50th minutes, while Emre Chan scored a “penalty kick” and Donel Malin scored Dortmund’s goals (72nd and 90th).

The victory brought Bayern back to the top of the Bundesliga by reaching 55 points, while Dortmund fell to second place at 53 points.

The first ten minutes saw the two teams exchange attacks, which did not rise to the level of danger on both goals.

And without Bayern firing any shots at the goal, they advanced with an early first goal, with a catastrophic mistake from goalkeeper Gregor Coppel, who came out of his own net to clear a through ball sent by Obamecano to Sani.

Copil surprised everyone by failing to clear the ball, to pass through his feet towards the net, and Sani left it without any interference from him.

The early goal ignited the enthusiasm of the Bayern players, and Goritska almost added the second with a header, but the ball settled in the arms of Copil.

From a corner kick, De Ligt rose to a cross that he met with a header, which passed to Mueller, who directed the ball with a direct touch into the net.

The Dortmund goalkeeper stood in the way of his team being shaken by a third goal, after he single-handedly blocked Koeman, before it became clear that the latter was in offside.

The offensive tide continued for the hosts, and Sani fired a long-range shot, which was blocked by Coppell, to bounce back to Mueller, who scored it easily, adding the third goal for his team.

Bayern launched a counterattack through Goritska, who reached the edge of the penalty area, before sending the ball towards Chubu Moting, to be received by the latter before hitting the bird, but the ball was not strong enough and settled in the arms of Copil.

Koeman penetrated the ball from deep until he reached the Dortmund penalty area before he shot hard, but the guests’ goalkeeper stood up to try to look out.

Before the end of the first half, Dortmund coach Eden Terzic was forced to make an emergency substitution after Niko Schloterbeek was injured, to replace Mats Hummels.

Koeman almost gave Bayern a fourth goal in the last moments of the first half, after he received a through pass that put him face to face with Copil, to try to dodge him before he strangely fell on his own inside the area, wasting the opportunity for a goal.

Bayern did not give its guest a chance to think about turning the score around with the start of the second half, as it managed to consolidate its lead with a fourth goal after an elaborate through-pass sent by Sani towards Koeman, who ensured that it was easily placed in the net.

Kimmich sent a long pass to Choupo Moting inside the area, and the latter received it on his chest, before he met the ball with a back kick towards the net, but the assistant referee denied him the goal by raising his flag due to the presence of offside.

And Copil saved his goal from receiving a fifth goal, after he blocked a dangerous attempt from Choupo Moting.

Substitute Donnell Mallen fired a powerful long-range shot, but Sumire was on the lookout, so Kopell responded by blocking a shot from Koeman, before it became clear that the latter had offside.

Bellingham managed to get a penalty kick after being blocked by substitute Gnabry. Emery Chan managed to implement it perfectly, scoring the guests’ first goal.

Copil was close to implicate his team with a fifth goal, after he accidentally passed a ball to one of the Bayern players, to rebound into a counterattack that reached Musiala, who tried to dodge him and shoot, but the Dortmund goalkeeper corrected his mistake by turning the ball into a corner.

And 5 minutes before the end of the regular time, Gnabry received a through pass, to set off towards the Dortmund penalty area, before putting a falling ball over Coppell into the goal, but the assistant referee raised his flag in a sign of offside.

Malin was able to reduce the score for the guests by scoring the second goal with a lightning shot inside the penalty area, moments before the end of the regular time.