Coutinho injured: the last episode of Barcelona

Coutinho injured, the last episode of Barcelona’s crisis, with his losing deal

Coutinho injured

Coutinho injured: Brazilian player Felipe Coutinho, 28, continues to recover in Brazil, from an external meniscus injury to the left knee, which he sustained in the last game of Barcelona in 2020 in front of Eibar at Camp Nou.

Barcelona announced this in a statement, and the three months that the club estimated for the player’s recovery have passed since he underwent surgery on January 2, 2021.

But the injury has been complicated and Coutinho’s return to the stadiums this season seems more difficult with the passage of time.

The player returned last summer to Barcelona, ​​after a year on loan to Bayern Munich, in which he won the hat-trick and scored two goals in the 2-8 victory over the Catalan team in the Champions League quarter-finals.

In light of this situation, various media announced that the board of directors of Juan Laporta does not find another solution for the Brazilian player, except to put him for sale in the next winter transfer market.

However, the management fears that the financial reward coming from selling the player will be low, after he was included in Liverpool in 2018 in the highest historical deal amounting to 120 million euros, in addition to 40 million variables.

Part of these variables, “20 million in particular”, depend on Coutinho’s reaching 100 matches with the Catalan team.

The player has now played 90 matches, and his salary is one of the highest in the team whose contract expires in June 2023.

Coutinho scored 23 goals and scored 14 goals in 5,620 minutes, in which he participated in the Barca shirt.

The following is the sequence of the injury that may end a player’s career with Barca:

December 29: At the end of the league match against Eibar at Camp Nou, Coutinho left the pitch with an injury.

– December 30, 2020: Barcelona issues a statement about the injury confirming that the examinations showed that the outer meniscus of the left knee was injured and that the estimated time of absence would be 3 months.

March 23, 2021: The club issued a statement about 3 months later, indicating that the player had undergone a medical examination at a medical center in Doha (Qatar).

March 29: The club issues a statement announcing that the player will travel to Brazil, for a medical evaluation and treatment of the outer cartilage injury of the left knee.

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