Klopp says Liverpool can benefit from Mac Allister’s deeper role

foot4live November 24, 2023
liverpool vs man city

Jurgen Klopp asserts that Liverpool stands to gain advantages from Alexis Mac Allister’s use of a more defensive position.
According to Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, he has the belief that his team can get more advantages by utilizing Alexis Mac Allister in the role of a temporary defensive midfielder.
The manager of Liverpool Football Club expressed a lack of concern on the proposition that the Argentine player, who often operates in a more forward position, will have the most significant challenge in adjusting to a different role at Manchester City on Saturday.

Mac Allister, who was acquired for a substantial sum of £35 million ($44 million) from Brighton & Hove Albion, has thus far demonstrated commendable adaptability in assuming a crucial role within a recently established midfield. Alongside fellow summer acquisition Wataru Endo, a proficient number six, Allister has been granted the opportunity to commence in only two Premier League matches. However, the forthcoming challenge of confronting Pep Guardiola’s formidable team within their own domain presents an entirely distinct and formidable undertaking.

The individual, aged 24, has exhibited subpar performances in the aforementioned capacity primarily in away matches, specifically at Wolverhampton Wanderers, where he was substituted at halftime following his return from international obligations in South America, as well as at Newcastle and his previous club. However, Klopp, the manager, does not currently view this as a cause for concern.
When questioned about if this will be Mac Allister’s most significant challenge, Klopp responded with a negative assertion.

I comprehend that the external perspective often revolves around evaluating a player’s performance in a given position. Ultimately, the success of a team hinges on the manner in which it is structured and organized.
Can it be determined if Macca possesses innate abilities as a six? The user declined to provide any further information. Has football seen unforeseen developments in recent years? Indeed. Does this imply that a player such as Macca has the ability to perform in the position of number six? Certainly.
The outcome is contingent upon the collective defensive efforts of the entire squad. As straightforward as that. If executed proficiently, this strategy would result in the acquisition of an exceptional player occupying a central position, adept at identifying and executing precise passes, and possessing a proactive mindset.

Would you prefer a player that solely focuses on physical aggression, disregarding their responsibilities when we have possession, and demonstrating a lack of commitment to the team’s objectives?
I hold a strong affinity for his presence in that particular location, and I believe that our team stands to gain significant advantages from it, provided that we establish a highly cohesive formation. This aspect is particularly crucial for our upcoming match.

The next match between the two leading teams is being widely regarded as the most significant game of the season. This is due to the fact that Klopp’s team, despite finishing in fifth place in May, has successfully reconstructed their midfield throughout the summer and has emerged as the primary contenders to challenge City’s dominance. Currently, they are only one point behind the league leaders.

However, the manager of Liverpool believes that it should not be employed as a means to evaluate similarities with the champions of the Premier League.
The individual further stated that the objective of the game is not to determine the proximity to the City, but rather to emphasize the high level of excitement associated with the football match.
However, our focus is not solely on experiencing excitement. Instead, we recognize the importance of adequately preparing and acknowledge that we must perform at our highest level in order to seize any opportunities that may arise. It is incumbent for us to assume responsibility for acquiring it

There is a possibility of several outcomes, such as doing poorly and experiencing defeat. It is conceivable. Is it possible to perform poorly and still achieve victory? It is improbable, if not implausible, to achieve such a feat against City. It is possible for us to perform exceptionally well in a game yet fail to secure a victory. We exhibit exceptional performance and emerge victorious.
Currently, there is no requirement for this team to undergo a test. It is evident that the team is progressing in a positive direction, as indicated by the upward trajectory.

We performed poorly in the Europa League match against Toulouse, resulting in a 4-3 defeat. I have implemented numerous modifications, so assuming full responsibility for the outcome; yet, the desired outcome has not yet been achieved. In the match against Luton, which resulted in a 1-1 draw, our team’s performance was subpar. Even if we had emerged victorious, our overall performance on that particular evening was lacking.
However, over numerous games this season, our team consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and rightfully earned the outcomes we achieved.