Lewandowski: It surprised me how the Barcelona fans behaved

foot4live September 19, 2022
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The Polish Robert Lewandowski, Barcelona striker, expressed his happiness to join the Catalan team ranks .

Lewandowski, 34, joined Barcelona this summer, from Bayern Munich, for 45 million euros.

Leva said, in statements highlighted by the Catalan newspaper “Sport”. “Since the first days in Barcelona, ​​I felt that I was in the right place and at the right time,”

He added: “I am proud to be in Barcelona, ​​and I did not expect the fans to sing my name in the Camp so quickly, all this makes me feel like I have been in Barcelona for a long time.”

“I speak Spanish better and can now order food myself, learn about the culture and the city and adapt to life in Barcelona on a daily basis.”

Lewandowski praised the Barcelona young players, and said: “Pedre, Gavi, Fati and Ferran are keen to talk and ask constantly… I share my knowledge and experience with them because I see how quickly they are developing with the team.”

About his former club Bayern Munich in the Champions League, he said: “It was a confrontation that we should not lose, we should have won, and if we could not, then we should not lose, but it is a lesson we will learn from at the end of the season.”

He explained: “We made some mistakes, so we conceded the first goal, and after that goal we wanted to draw, but we ended up receiving the second goal.”

Regarding the reception of the Bayern fans, he said: “I was not afraid of boos, because I was in Munich after moving to Barcelona and met some people on the street and heard what they said about me and saw how they treated me.”

He continued: “The Bayern fan is very smart, can understand and distinguish between truth and rumours, they know and remember what the person I was, how I acted, what I did and what I said.”

And he added, “It was a strange feeling to enter the stadium (Allianz Arena) and go to the visiting team’s dressing room and warm up in the other half of the stadium.”

He noted: “It was more than just a sports match, it was impossible to control the emotions, I wanted to win and score and it didn’t happen, but when talking about emotions it was impossible to silence them because the time since my departure from Bayern is short.”

Regarding his preparation for the last World Cup, he said: “I did not think that the World Cup in Qatar would be my last with the national team. I just think that it is a special event waiting for us there, and it is different from everything that preceded it in history.”

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