Lewandowski: We forgot to defend against Inter Milan

foot4live October 13, 2022
lewandowski vs inter milan

The Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski expressed his dissatisfaction with the draw 3-3 against Inter Milan, yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the fourth round of the group stage of the European Champions League.

Lewandowski said, during comments reported by the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo “We wanted to score more goals to the point that sometimes we forgot to defend against the opponent and counter-attack,” .

He added, “Inter managed to score easily and created chances that made him advance by two.”

He continued, “The team has had a lot of injuries in recent weeks, and it is not easy to change the squad all the time, we lack stability and perhaps that is the reason for our appearance in these matches.”

He noted: “Inter is a difficult opponent for the attackers, as it defends with five players, along with a defensive midfielder, and we tried to attack with the largest number of players, and we scored 3 goals, but we conceded the same in our net.”

“Sometimes you need to calm down to win matches like this,” he concluded.