Liverpool vs Milan Live streaming 15/09/2021

foot4live September 15, 2021
liverpool vs milan live

Liverpool vs Milan Live streaming 15/09/2021

Liverpool vs Milan live stream today 15-09-2021 in the Champions League
Exciting test Liverpool vs A.C. Milan on Champions Night, watching the Liverpool and Milan match broadcast live in the match that takes place at Anfield Stadium at nine o’clock Cairo time, in the first round of the group stage competitions of the Champions League via our website, Yalla Shot Today.

In today’s meeting, Liverpool seeks to exploit the workers of the land and the public in order to achieve victory, reap the three points and get out of the match with a satisfactory result for the fans who will attend the meeting. He deserves and presents strong matches, and is looking forward to making up for the failure of the last two seasons and returning to compete for the Champions League title after the unsatisfactory results in the last two seasons.

Liverpool started the current season, dear followers, Yalla Shot Today, by defeating Norwich City 3-0, before defeating Burnley with two goals without a response, then drawing with Chelsea with a goal without a reply, and then crushing Leeds United 3-0 without a response and will seek to achieve the second consecutive victory and the first in Champions League to compete vigorously from the beginning for the ticket to qualify for the next round, especially since the group is fiery, which includes teams that have dreams and ambitions to reach the next round of the tournament

Jurgen Klopp is counting in today’s meeting on the capabilities and capabilities of the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, the team’s striker, who is doing excellently this season, as he reached his 100th goal with the London team in the last meeting against Leeds United, and Mo Salah was able to enter the 100 club, becoming the second African player This achievement was achieved, and the Liverpool players took memorial photos with Salah in a shirt with 100 written on it, indicating the number of his goals in the Premier League.

The date of the match between Liverpool and Milan and its carrier channels

The Liverpool and Milan match will be held at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, the Egyptian capital, Cairo, at ten o’clock in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at seven o’clock GMT.

On the other hand, Milan is going well this season, and the German giant will look in today’s meeting to come out with a positive result and collect the three points and turn the table on Liverpool, the owner of the land and the public in today’s meeting, the Italian giant is playing today’s meeting amid a series of victories achieved by the team in the Calcio championship, Milan started the season with a 1-0 victory over Sampdoria, before defeating Cagliari 4-0, then beating Lazio in the third round with two goals without a response.

Milan’s technical staff received a strong shock during the past few hours, after it was confirmed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was absent from today’s match due to an injury, and the Swedish international underwent a medical examination that confirmed his Achilles tendon injury and it was decided to rest him from today’s meeting so that his injury does not worsen, especially since the player is returning from an injury that caused His absence from the stadiums for 4 months, and the absence of the best English scorer in the history of the Italian international may affect Milan in today’s meeting, especially since today’s match is Milan’s first in the Champions League, after he missed it since 2014.

Milan’s coaching staff announced a list that includes Mike Magnan, Tata Rochano, Jongdal, Simon Kaire, Alessio Romagnoli, Ficayo Tomori, Palo Toure, Davide Calabria, Gabbia, Theo Hernandez, Junior Calolo, Ismail bin Nasser, Frank Casey Ibrahim. Diaz-Salimekers-Alessandro Tonali, Ante Rebic – Rafael Leao – Olivier Giroud-Maldini.

Predicted Liverpool line-up against AC Milan
Goalkeeper: Alisson

Defence: Andrew Robertson – Fabinho – Joe Gomez – Trent Alexander-Arnold

Midfield: Jorginho Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson

Forwards: Sadio Mane – Roberto Firmino – Mohamed Salah

Milan expected lineup against Liverpool
Goalkeeper: Mick Maignan

Defenders: David Calabria – Simon Kjaer – Fikayo Tomori – Theo Hernandez

Midfield: Sandro Tonali – Rade Krunic

Attacking midfield: Alexis Salemaikers – Ibrahim Diaz – Rafael Liao

Forwards: Olivier Giroud

The history of the confrontations between Liverpool and Milan
Do not look too much to watch the Milan match today, just follow the Yalla-Shot Today, and the Liverpool and Milan summit always witness a rivalry and excitement, whether on the field among the players or outside between the coaches, the language of numbers, dear followers, Yalla-Shot Today indicates that Liverpool met with Milan in 17 meetings last , the English giant achieved victory in 7 games, while the Italian great won in 6 games and the two teams tied in 5 confrontations, meaning that the convergence is very clear between the two teams and each of them will seek to impose his control and his word on the other, Liverpool scored 27 goals against Milan, while Milan scored 26 goals In the Liverpool net, which means that the football fun, dear and fans of Yalla Shot Today, will be a key factor in the face of the two great Milan and Liverpool.