Manchester City new players for summer on 2021?

foot4live July 23, 2021
Manchester City will sell his star to include Kane

Manchester City will sell his star to include Kane and Grealish

Manchester City has decided to get rid of one of its prominent players this summer, in order to sign with new player for Tottenham the striker Harry Kane and new player from Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish.

And according to the newspaper “Sun”, Manchester City will need 225 million pounds, to settle the Kane and Grealish deals during the current summer Mercato.

She pointed out that Manchester City has 45 million pounds that have not been spent since the sale of Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich, in addition to obtaining 11 million pounds from the transfer of Jadon Sancho to Manchester United.

And Manchester City will get money, by selling a number of players such as Angelino, Jack Harrison, Lukas Nemica and Ivan Ilic.

However, Manchester City will need to sell one of its key players to complete the financing of the Kane and Grealish deals.

Bernardo Silva is the name closest to leaving the heavenly during the current summer Mercato.

Several reports have previously linked Bernardo Silva to a move to Barcelona this summer.

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