Real Madrid and Barcelona Target free big deal

foot4live July 21, 2021
Barcelona Target free big deal

Real Madrid and Barcelona Target free big deal 2021

Real Madrid and Barcelona Target a very big free deal this days.
Today, Wednesday, a German press report revealed an upcoming conflict between Real Madrid and Barcelona over the Bayern Munich midfielder, next summer.

Goretzka’s contract with Bayern expires at the end of next season, and no agreement has been reached with him on the renewal yet.

According to the German newspaper “Bild”, Goretzka is angry with Bayern Munich officials, for not resuming talks on the renewal of his contract.

The newspaper added, that Bavarian club officials are angry at Thomas Kroth, the player’s agent, who also represents the team’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer.

The newspaper pointed out that Cruz had previously demanded that Neuer receive 23.5 million euros per season, in order to renew his contract with Bayern, which the Bavarian saw as illogical.

Currently, Cruz has stipulated that Goretzka receive 20 million euros per season, while Bayern made an offer of between 10-12 million euros per season.

Bayern are well aware of Goretzka’s importance to the team, but at the same time he misses for long periods when injured.

And the newspaper concluded, that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United clubs are targeting the player’s free inclusion next summer.


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